Tips för att testa i flera browsers

Funderade på hur man kan lösa problemet när man stödjer flera browsers och olika versioner. Det finns flera olika sätt att göra detta på. Virtuella miljöer, installera flera Firefox versioner, installera program som exempelvis IEtester.

Jag hittade och testade som jag gillade skarpt.

How It Works

At a Glance: Spoon is an app virtualization technology that launches your desktop applications inside an isolated virtual machine. Spoon virtualization eliminates the need for installs and automatically migrates state and settings across all of your devices.

Getting Apps: Thousands of free and commercial applications are available in the App Store. Or, you can virtualize applications from setup packages or your local desktop using Spoon Harvest. Spoon can virtualize almost all Windows desktop applications.

Accessing Files: Spoon optionally synchronizes and backs up files from your desktops. Synchronized files can be accessed from any Spoon-connected desktop, web browser, or web-enabled mobile device. To synchronize files, select the folders you want to synchronize from the Spoon control panel in the system tray.

Spoon Plugin: To use Spoon, you need to add a small browser plugin. Spoon is compatible with all major web browsers and does not require administrative permissions.

Supported Platforms: Spoon supports virtualization of both 32- and 64-bit Windows-based applications on Windows XP and forward. (Yes, we love Macs too and hope to have support for Mac-based applications soon.) Note that you can access synchronized files from any web-enabled device, including Mac and iPad.

För att kunna testa Internet explorer behöver man köpa Basic kontot som kostar 8 dollar/månaden. En liten utgift om man vill ha en smidig lösning.

Ni kan se på bilden vilka browsers som finns, det finns även en rad andra webappar:


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